Includes 15 containers.  That’s about 1425-1800 smokes with your medwakh.  Choose the option that suits you best: carton of either blue (cold), gold (medium) or red (hot); or a mixed carton - 5 of each.  Also for a limited time, you may order Scorpion flavored dokha by the carton.  Available Scorpion dokha flavors include mint, grape and apple.

Be sure to enter coupon code sailingfree at checkout for FREE SHIPPING to all domestic locations with purchase of $250 or more.          



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At, we are proud to feature Scorpion Dokha, imported by us directly from the source in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. After most carefully selecting among numerous dokha tobaccos with the intent to offer only the finest products on the market for introduction in the USA and beyond, it is our discretion to provide Scorpion Premium Dokha - that with its exquisite quality will delight the true connoisseur; the most discerning of smokers.  Having been for years a widely available and most popular dokha in Arabia, Scorpion Dokha’s immediate success was an attribute to this consistent and time-tested tradition of quality.


Scorpion_Dokha_Light Scorpion_Dokha_Medium

Scorpion Red dokha (a hot dokha) -  For those, who are not afraid to go to extremes, consisting of a strong flavor with a powerful stimulating experience.


Scorpion Gold (a warm dokha) is sure to satisfy.

Gold packs a great rush, especially if dokha is new to you. Considered a staple for those who routinely enjoy dokha, Scorpion gold is perfect if you seek the right balance of flavor and satisfaction.

Scorpion Blue dokha (a cool dokha) may be just right for you.

Blue is a pure pleasure to indulge - entirely smooth, cool smoking and without the harshness of stronger dokha tobaccos.  A good choice for starting your morning and for winding down in the evening time.


We now feature a wide selection of medwakh smoking pipes made from different materials and with a variety of styles to fit your personal taste.  Enjoy the your dokha experience from any of these fine quality imported medwakh.      



65 mL bottle! (15g of dokha)


65 mL bottle! (15g of dokha)


65 mL bottle! (15g of dokha)

Dokha        Medwakh        Smoking Accessories

$274.85  SALE PRICE

Carton of Dokha



Note: Scorpion dokha is packaged for value and convenience.  To keep the dokha at its best, with most freshness and flavor, the dokha is sealed in an air-tight flip top bottle (ensuring genuine product) that is opaque to prevent light from aging the product.  Scorpion Dokha provides

95-120 smokes/bottle (depending upon medwakh bowl size).

cotton_bristle_pipe_cleaners Dragon Cleaners
Introducing Dragon Pipe Cleaners.  These are the must-have 100 % cotton and copper wire bristle stems to keep your medwakh pipe clean. Both highly absorbent and sturdy, these quality cleaners will ensure a nicer smoke every time.  Use them each day to ensure a non-clogging pipe and most enjoyable dokha smoking experience.             


 44 cleaners/bundle

Quick, simple and effective tool.  These are actually two tools in one with a poker for pushing clogs out the stem of the medwakh pipe and a scraper for removing build-up from the pipe bowl.  These tools feature sturdy metal construction and come in either red or black.  You will be glad you purchased yours.                


 Pipe Tool

Pack of 8 tar reducing New Turbo filters for your medwakh (also for cigarettes).  For your best smoking experience, change the filter on your medwakh often (when it becomes dark brown).  A nice clean filter will always cause your smoke to be stronger/more satisfying.  Many customers who smoke cigarettes also purchase these for the added health benefit of reducing tar. Always have them on hand to better enjoy your smoke!     

Order New Turbo medwakh/cigarette filters by the carton for a discounted price. One carton contains 12 packages of eight (96 filters).        
#wood_medwakh#metal_medwakh#camel_bone_medwakhWooden Pipes

A simple, yet attractive black wood medwakh with brass accents and inlay.


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD1


A tri-colored wood tone pipe featuring a light-colored ring around the stem.  We call this one the “cigar band”.  


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD2


A slightly longer blonde wood pipe, with a bigger bowl and no metal ring around the bowl.  A big bowl like this one gives a strong dokha rush!


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD3


A slightly longer black wood pipe, with a bigger bowl and no metal ring around the bowl.  A big bowl like this one gives a strong dokha rush!


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD4  

A slightly longer brown wood pipe, with a bigger bowl and no metal ring around the bowl.  A big bowl like this one gives a strong dokha rush!


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD5


A standard and functional black wood medwakh pipe with gold colored accents.


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD6


The forever popular dark wood and silver medwakh.


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD7


The original standard, yet classy medwakh with a nice wood grain.  Brown wood with a gold bowl-ring and filter attachment.  


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD8


Surf’s up!  We lovingly call this medwakh “the surfboard”.  It has alternating bands of brown and blonde wood.  Always cool.


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD9


A black wood pipe with three carved rings in the stem.


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD10


Wooden medwakh pipe with colorful inserts.


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD13


Beautifully designed “twisted” wood pipe with brass inlay.  A great piece for your medwakh collection.  


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD11


Beautifully designed “twisted” wood pipe with silver metal accents.  A great piece for your medwakh collection.  


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD12


An artistic “twirl” design is carved into this wooden medwakh having brass accents to make a truly unique piece also showing wood grain.      


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD23


Really good grip!  Black and gold wood medwakh with 12 carved rings along the stem.


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD24


Good grip!  Black and silver wood medwakh with 5 carved rings along the stem.


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD25


Black and gold wood pipe with crescent moon shaped carvings along the length of the stem.


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD26


Black and gold wooden medwkh with swirls and grooves carved into the stem and front end of the pipe.


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD27


Many carvings adorn this black and silver medwakh.


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD28


A prestigious designer pipe featuring heavy brass additions to the bowl and tip along with a striking wood grain.  We love this pipe.  


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD29


This designer medwakh catches the eye with its handsome two-toned wooden stem and aggressively accented brass tip/bowl.  


Wooden Pipe - Item# WD30


The bone fragments of this pipe have been color-stained to create a lively looking piece.  


Camel Bone Pipe - Item# CB19


Natural bone and purple bone with a brass inlay.


Camel Bone Pipe - Item# CB20  

A simple and elegant natural camel bone pipe.  


Camel Bone Pipe - Item# CB21


Natural camel bone color with an added brass inlay.  


Camel Bone Pipe - Item# CB22


Camel Bone Pipes

Tried and true wooden medwakh pipes offer distinctly unique designs - all providing an excellent dokha smoking experience.  Wood will absorb and enhance the flavor of your favorite dokha.  Maintain wood pipes regularly by reconditioning with pipe tools and bristled pipe cleaners for a smooth and satisfying smoke every time.  Good care will also extend the life of your wooden medwakh.         


A carved metal medwakh for style, durability and a clean, enjoyable smoke.  


Metal Pipe - Item# AL14


A sleek and smooth polished metal pipe.


Metal Pipe - Item# AL15  

Slightly shorter, this aluminum medwakh is ready to travel.  We call it the “spindle”.  


Metal Pipe - Item# AL16


Metal “swirl” design medwakh.


Metal Pipe - Item# AL17


Polished metal with a twist - a dependable and good-looking pipe.


Metal Pipe - Item# AL18


The appearance of this carved medwakh has been further enhanced with a blue coating.  


Metal Pipe - Item# AL32


Metal Pipes

When you are smoking your dokha from a shiny solid-cast aluminum medwakh, you will always be accompanied by sharp style.  These metal pipes are crafted for durability and offer a pure, clean smoke.  The luxury of a nearly indestructible aluminum medwakh - sure to last a lifetime, is the ease with which it can be cleaned with warm water (you can get it wet).              


The ultimate in tradition, craft and style, made of genuine camel bone these pipes offer a cool and satisfying smoke.  Not just ornamental, but relatively durable and completely functional.  A camel bone pipe makes for a special gift for any dokha smoker.            



6 filters/pack

These are the legendary German-engineered denitip filters, the best choice worldwide for their efficiency in catching and reducing the tar from your smoke.  Denitip features one-piece construction with a larger filter insert for a longer-lasting, cleaner tip and comfortable ergonomic mouthpiece.  Fits snugly onto your medwakh.


24 packs/case

Order denitip filters in bulk for a discount.  Includes 24 packs of 6 each for a total of 144 filters.


8 filters/pack


12 packs/case


*  35 medwakh  to choose from.         *  Discount pipes.                *  Denitip high- quality, longer                                                                                                                                lasting filters.

*  Pipe cleaning tools.                            *  Dragon brand cotton bristle pipe cleaners.

The appearance of this carved medwakh has been further enhanced with a green coating.  


Metal Pipe - Item# AL33


The appearance of this carved medwakh has been further enhanced with a red coating.  


Metal Pipe - Item# AL34


The appearance of this carved medwakh has been further enhanced with a purple coating.  


Metal Pipe - Item# AL35


Temporarily out of stock
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