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We continually strive to have you as the voice of a satisfied customer - in fact, we try to make this easy, as your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Your feedbacks are a constant source of pride for us as we build lasting relationships with the whole crowd of you wonderfully diverse people and fellow dokha smokers.  Please feel free to share your thoughts, feelings, stories, comments, requests, questions, needs and feedbacks with us - they are highly valuable to us here and it is always refreshing and encouraging to have the opportunity to communicate with you directly.  Thank you to all of you who have been so kind to share with us.  Your feedbacks can also be posted here for the world to see if you email us at feedback@dokha.com, post on our facebook page, leave a review on our Google Map or simply leave a comment on the checkout form when completing your order (we will not provide your full name without your permission to do so!)  See what a few of our regular customers are saying about us below.   

Wassim J. – Fairfax, VA:


Great Service, Quick Response, Quick Delivery. Dokha.com provides a service unmatchable by others in the US and provides great customer service for all smoking needs. It is a great place to order from if you are like me who has moved from Dubai to the US. If you need dokha, honestly order from here, their prices are affordable and their delivery is on time. I will continue to order from here and I hope you do too!


Alex C. – Edison, NJ:


Amazing that you can get something soo good from afar so nearby. The delivery of the dokha is always within 2 days of ordering and not once have i received stale dokha. Great stuff I'd have to say and they have very helpful staff as well.


John Sengul – Sugarland, TX:


Dokha.com is an absolutely essential for any real dokha smokers. The customer service is fantastic and their dokha is exactly the stuff we got back home. Mark, the owner of the store takes pride in the fact that he gets to know all his customers personally. They treat you wonderfully. I sincerely recommend anyone who knows and smokes dokha, or even smokers in general to either pop by and say hi to him, or order online. You wont regret it.

Liked: Dokha products that rival the middle east!


Alp Cem – Sugarland, TX:


Dokha.com is the easiest way to get Dokha in North America. The amount of Dokha they give is more than generous for the price tag. I have bought over 20 bottles from them and 2 pipes, it's just like the Dokha sellers back in the middle east. In case you are like us, moved here from the middle east, don't fret, Mark(the owner of the store) has got you covered.


Hussein M. – East Lansing, MI:


Impeccable customer service mixed in with great dokha makes dokha.com the best website to order from. I have not been upset with any order for over a month now!


Dave S. – Houston, TX:


I was smoking a pack of cigarettes per day, and I felt the horrible chemicals that I was smoking every day.  I was introduced to Dokha, and I have not had a cigarette since! Not only do I feel better from smoking the all natural, totally organic tobacco, I am smoking much less! I went from a pack a day, to about a canister of Dokha per month! This in turn is also very beneficial economically! I have also found that Dokha is much more relaxing than cigarettes, and I do not have the physical cravings either. Personally I say that by far Dokha is a much more superior product and I highly recommend this product to any smoker of legal age. The guys at Dokha.com are always pleasant to deal with and have by and far the best customer service that I have ever experienced. If you have any questions, the team at Dokha.com is easy to reach and very truthful, informative, as well as eager to answer any and all of your inquiries. I have a 100% satisfaction rating of this product as well as this company. Keep up the good work guys, don't change a thing!

Best Regards,

Dave S.


Rob J. – Wichita, KS:


I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your generous order you gave me. Thank you so much. I too enjoyed our conversation. Thank you also for the gifts. I really appreciate them. P.S. the new pipe is now my favorite pipe. I smoke from it daily. Best regards -Rob


Chris Mc. – Miami Beach, FL:


Comments/Special Delivery Instructions:

I smoke shisha with my hookah, but heard about dokha through a forum and then Googled.  You folks obviously have the corner on a growing market.  Ain't nobody else selling quality medwakhs and dokha for these low prices.  Look forward to a new experience.


Mahmoud A. – Atascadero, CA:


Dear Dokha.com,

I really enjoyed the Scorpion Dokha I purchased from your company and I liked the packaging/container it came in and what not, but I have a couple suggestions that would be very useful for me and I'm pretty sure other customers. If you guys would have larger containers for the dokha so it can come in a variety of sizes instead of just one size. My other suggestion would be to start selling the medwakh uncloggers, the ones similar to clothes hangers that go right through the mouth piece to unclog all the stuck tobacco inside of the medwakh. 

Other than that your service is great and you are a great representative for "Scorpion"

Thanks for your great service!



Max H. – Houston, TX:


This product was given to me as a gift at an art reception I was hosting. I must say I find this product relaxing and enjoyable.  I smoke it every chance I get. Love this product.


Mutassim A. – Kew Gardens, NY:


Thank you so much for your great and valuable customer service.

I quit smoking regular cigarettes and I am smoking now Dokha.

I highly appreciate whatever you send either Scorpion Hot or Medium.


Alex C. – Edison, NJ:


Thank you for the extra filter! They really do come in handy. I see you guys got the real filters now made from tokai. I haven’t had a chance to try out the light dokha yet but I already know it's going to be good. Thanks again :)


Nick M. – Toronto, Canada:


Great medwakh! Love the little bowl....great stuff as usual...

Thanks again


Caryn A. – Salt Lake City, UT:


Thank you so much for the products.  I am enjoying them very much!  No more cigarettes for me, just dokha tobacco and it is superior. :)   I'm so glad I went with  Dokha.com, you are wonderful to order from!  



“Silver” R. – San Diego, CA:


Awesome service, awesome product. I think that says enough! If you haven't tried this stuff, you're missing out. Tried it first from a buddy from UAE, this is even better.

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