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Here you can discover more about and purchase rich dokha tobaccos - a cultural pastime from Arabia, where smoking the medwakh pipe has been popular for many generations.  If you enjoy the pleasure of smoking, we invite you to try the finest and most unique tobaccos found in the world.

Read on to find what you are going to like about dokha and more about us here at Dokha.com.  If you’re a seasoned dokha enthusiast, click to  Browse and Purchase our products, or see what Our Customers are saying about us.  Currently serving domestic and International customers.         


What You are going to Like about Dokha Tobacco:

As a totally different smoking experience, you will find the following to be true of dokha tobacco as a more satisfying alternative to any other tobacco product:

More feeling – dokha tobaccos are much more potent than other tobaccos and the “rush” you get from smoking dokha is very satisfying and unlike anything else.  

Saving time – you can fully enjoy your smoke in a fraction of the time versus smoking cigarettes, cigars or typical pipe tobacco.  It takes about thirty seconds to fill your medwakh with dokha, smoke it, more than satisfy your tobacco craving and be on your way (of course if you’re in no hurry or you’re relaxing on the porch, re-pack your medwakh for repeated pleasure).  

Less mess – because you’re only smoking a small pinch of dokha, there are hardly any ashes and certainly no cigarette/cigar butts.

Smoke inside?!?! – your house, upholstery, clothes and breath will not reek of tobacco! The smoke from dokha tobacco does not stick to fabrics nor does it have the distinct and often unpleasant odor of other tobaccos….this makes it easier to “sneak a smoke” undetected if you’re one of those sneaky people or at least prevent your much loved non-smoker from being subjected to the smell.   

Health considerations – since you are smoking less tobacco at a time with natural organic dokha, if you maintain the same smoking habit, you may receive less tar into your lungs from the filtered midwakh.  Also, certain chemical additives found in most cigarettes and cigarette papers are not present in dokha tobacco.

Economical - with the rising price of cigarettes and other forms of tobacco, not only can you enjoy a more premium product, but save some cash in the process with dokha as an alternative.  We have intensely calculated the average number of smokes available in one container of dokha (approximately 15 grams/0.6 ounces of product) with ranging medwakh bowl sizes.  With one standard bottle of dokha, you can expect to smoke between 95 and 120 times.    

Stylin’ – Your medwakh is bound to be a conversation piece amongst your friends and others around you.  There’s nothing wrong with being the coolest cat at the party.             

How we do it (Dokha.com’s business model)

As purveyors of fine tobacco products and smoking accessories from across the world, we look forward to being your preferred dokha tobacco provider.  Our simple strategy toward this goal is outlined below.  

Quality assurance – We don’t sell it if we don’t Love it.  All of the products sold by us are tried by us first and since our reputation depends greatly on what we sell, we are comforted that we can stand by the flavor, freshness and our own fondness of these products.  As such, we have chosen truly premium brands to offer delight to the true connoisseur.  We are dokha smokers and encourage our own employees to enjoy sampling of our inventory.  Additionally, our handmade medwakh are individually inspected to ensure that you also will notice the utmost quality and careful craftsmanship of the medwakh varieties we have chosen to offer.       

Pricing – Since we are a permitted & bonded tobacco importer and order our products in bulk, by the palette, we offer fair prices for even the rarest tobaccos.  We want your business and wouldn’t dare drive our customers away with unfair pricing even while dokha tobaccos are uncommon in most parts of the world.

Customer satisfaction – is at the heart of any successful business….it’s not just a claim, but a promise that we will serve you in as timely a fashion and with all due generosity to return your favor of ordering from us.  You are going to like being our customer.  

Staying in touch – call us anytime for any reason, we’re quite chatty people.


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